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We are a company with Microsoft-certified skills, formed by a multidisciplinary team of consultants and programmers, to successfully respond to a wide variety of projects. We have a wide portfolio of services that combine information systems, account and client management, productivity and workplace tools, cloud, hosting, and cybersecurity, in solutions designed to meet the needs of each organization. Our services are modular, ensuring adequate flexibility for the evolution of the business.

From pre-sales to project delivery and support, our way of working is differentiated by agility, responsiveness, and client focus.

Great Capacity for Adaptation

Great Capacity for Adaptation

As a result of the experience and knowledge of each sector of activity, the Hydra iT team adapts and is highly versatile according to the requirements of each project, company, or business reality. 

Our project implementation services follow an agile and effective methodology, focused on results and client satisfaction.

Our team of consultants provides a wide range of qualified tasks, from business process analysis, requirements mapping with solutions, customization implementation design, training, and support.
Global Implementation Solutions

Global Implementation Solutions

Hydra IT's team of consultants is solidly prepared to develop work at the level of business processes and company management in order to maximize our client's investment results.

We have an internal team with multiple competencies and extensive experience in the function, as well as a network of Partners with specific solutions to respond to all the components which are part of the essence of the technological operation of a company.

We are prepared to proceed with the strategic design of the information system of each organization, starting from its strategic business vision.

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Our expertise and experience guarantee a broad knowledge of the technologies. Work with a partner who can customise and expand your technology solutions to meet the unique needs of your business or industry. Hydra IT helps you maximise the value of your technology investments and get closer to your customers. Leave your contact details and speak directly to a consultant.
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