FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what an ERP is and what it is for, how a CRM can be useful in a company, what types of Office 365 / Microsoft 365 licenses exist, how much they cost and how they can be activated, how you can use Microsoft Power BI for free, among other information.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which in Portuguese means Business Resource Planning. It's an enterprise resource planning solution. It is a complex business management software that aggregates and controls several business processes.
Companies that implement an ERP guarantee information management with process automation, data unification and protection, and reports. The ERP management system centralizes the important information of an organization and helps companies to monitor and control their daily operations, accompanying their gradual and sustainable growth.

One of the main characteristics of an ERP is to manage the different areas of activity of a company in a single software, facilitating the access and sharing of information between the various departments such as project management, technical services, accounting, treasury, commercial and sales, management materials, contract management, human resources, and assets.

ERP is a business management solution that adapts to the specific needs of companies, regardless of their size and is therefore the ideal model for companies looking for a fully integrated management system.
At Hydra, we have been working with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP for over 16 years, and now more recently with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Over the years we have carried out larger and smaller implementations, in organizations from the most varied areas, which allows us to recognize that the process of selecting and acquiring new software, especially when it is such a complex system that involves several phases and different departments, requires a lot of study and analysis by the companies before the decision.
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which means customer relationship management. As the name implies, it is contact management software – leads, prospects, and customers. There are CRM software with different levels of detail and integration, but all aim to help organizations optimize and improve the relationship they develop with customers and potential customers, providing a better experience and, consequently, more sales opportunities.

CRM is one of the most important tools for any commercial and marketing team in an organization – regardless of the size of the team and the database, it is very useful in aggregating and classifying the database – ensuring the centralization of all important information while helping with contact and sales strategies.
First, it is necessary to understand what the real needs of the company are. Only when you have a clear notion of the organization's main problems or difficulties can you understand which solution is best suited for their specific resolution.

Talking to the managers of the different departments, and understanding how they work and how the teams work together is crucial to being able to identify the main needs. Once you know what you require, it's easier to look for software that matches more completely.

Hydra IT consultants are prepared to help identify your organization's specific needs. Talk to us.
Microsoft 365 and Office 365 are available in a variety of plans to meet every organization's needs. Each Microsoft 365 or Office 365 includes several individual services such as Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.
To understand which will be the best option for your company and to know all the details of the resources that are available for each plan, contact us.
Yes, it is possible to use the Microsoft 365 plan and add or remove licenses. Consult the conditions of your plan and contact your commercial consultant to change the licensing plan.
There is a free version of Microsoft Power BI. Just create an account here, and you can start using Power BI for free right away. However, some features are limited or restricted. If you need to add Power BI to your Microsoft licensing plan, please contact us, so we can help.