Create websites without code? Yes, it's possible with Microsoft Power Pages


Learn about the Features and Benefits of Microsoft's tool for creating secure websites with low code
Create websites without code? Yes, it's possible with Microsoft Power Pages
Microsoft Power Pages is a low-code software platform, aimed at business users, IT professionals, and developers in large organizations in all sectors, which is part of the Microsoft Power Platform family.
With this solution, you can create websites using the same shared business data used to create applications, workflows, intelligent virtual agents, reports, and analyses with your organization's other Microsoft Power Platform components.

Aimed at companies that want to easily create fully customizable sites, Microsoft Power Pages allows you to create sites from scratch with templates, using Design Studio, which includes site structures with working features and functionalities to address various business scenarios.  

Microsoft Power Pages features

  • Partner operations
Support partners, and create portals for integration, sustainability monitoring, and supplier support. 
  • Personalized management for customers
Develop websites that offer 24/7 support for services such as warranty registration, support inquiries, and appointments. 
  • FAQ’s 
Create FAQ pages about products, services, policies, and procedures. 
  • Community services
Create websites for services such as permits, licenses, grant applications, and outage reports.
  • Ensure security and governance
Help protect your site's content and data with role-based access controls and Microsoft Azure security and compliance.

Main benefits of Microsoft Power Pages

  • Share and cooperate easily
Power Pages can be shared with customers, partners, and people within the same company, allowing you to control who and what they can edit. If they are connected to Power BI, data analysis can be added. 
  • Access to data
By integrating with other Microsoft platforms, Power Pages makes it easy to access and display data from various sources. It connects easily to Power Apps to create customized forms and workflows and automate tasks and processes using Power Automate.
  • Security
Power Pages makes it possible to store and manage data securely by collecting business data from site visitors and sharing it with external audiences.
  • Integration
Integrate Power Pages with all other Microsoft solutions such as Azure, Github, Visual Studio Code, and all other Power Platforms to access data from anywhere. 

Integration with other Microsoft Power Platform solutions

  • Dataverse
Securely store and manage data used by business applications and your Power Pages sites.
  • Power Apps
Users can use Power Apps to create customized mobile and web applications. Power Pages are ideal for websites focused on external audiences that require more secure access to their business information.
  • Power Automate
Power Automate allows users to automate workflows in their company. With Power Pages, use Power Automate for plug-ins, workflows, automated cloud flows or to extend business logic and interact with data.
  • Power BI
Power BI is Microsoft's business intelligence tool that enables companies to gain better insight into their data. With Power Pages, integrate with Power BI to access components such as reports, dashboards, and mosaics.
  • Power Visual Agents
Power Virtual Agents allows users to create customizable artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots. Users can add chatbots to their websites created in Power Pages, to support a myriad of business needs.


Examples of use

  • Community portals
Allows system administrators to set up an informal, conversational, topic-based communication portal for a specific group of stakeholders. Key features include forums, blogs, ideas, and much more.
  • Employee portals
Allows employees to browse knowledge-based articles, ask questions, and provide comments or feedback on certain topics.
  • Booking pages
Allow customers, partners, or employees to schedule or book events, services, or resources from a secure platform.
  • Customer support portals
Allow employees to create and manage tickets with the internal IT helpdesk, just like an external customer support portal. Employees can create new cases, view pending cases, and also browse the knowledge base.

Microsoft Power Pages and Copilot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay! Microsoft Copilot is revolutionizing the way business websites are created with Power Pages. Copilot simplifies the creation of forms, the incorporation of text, the inclusion of chatbots, and other tasks with a simple, user-friendly chat interface that doesn't require years of coding experience. It also offers users and site visitors an enhanced experience, moving away from traditional click-based navigation and allowing them to discover information through engaging conversational interactions with the site.

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