How to protect a business from cyber attacks


Cybercrime has evolved dramatically in recent years, with attacks becoming increasingly common and sophisticated.
How to protect a business from cyber attacks

Cybersecurity is complex and difficult, making most organizations unable to manage it effectively on their own. Sophos is the first and only endpoint security vendor to integrate with many of them, accelerating threat detection, investigation, and response.

Why use Sophos cybersecurity solutions?

Sophos is a manufacturer and provider of security software and hardware, designed to prevent viruses, spyware, adware, any forms of potentially suspicious files, as well as any unwanted applications. 

Its portfolio of cybersecurity solutions is quite comprehensive, to meet all of a company's needs. Sophos solutions are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud-native, synchronized, and managed through a single centralized interface, communicating with each other and sharing threat intelligence from firewall to endpoint.

How Sophos solutions help keep businesses safe from cyber attacks:

Sophos' various products enable real-time sharing of security information, creating effective protection against malware and attacks. By using Sophos, systems run as efficiently as possible. 

By removing unnecessary programs, the system does not slow down, and removing spyware and malware can prevent computer problems as well as prevent a company's programs from being infected with viruses. 
  • Flexibility and scalability
Sophos has solutions to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. The flexibility and scalability of Sophos products allow security to scale as the business grows and evolves.
  • Technical support
In addition to advanced solutions, Sophos offers its customers quality support, being available for any question via chat or phone. 
  • Easy to use
Sophos products are easy to use, making it easy to scan files and authorize, delete, or disinfect them as appropriate. In addition, you can prevent data loss and control different files and more sensitive data such as source code, databases, and contact lists. 
  • Complete security
Sophos has a range of products that can help businesses from protecting against malware, ransomware, and service browsing attacks to network access control. With integrated solutions, businesses can manage the security of endpoints, servers, mobile devices, and networks, making the corporate environment less susceptible to attacks and data leaks.
  • Deep learning-based threat detection models are faster and more effective than machine learning
Deep learning technology enables the detection and removal of advanced malware, even if it has never been found before. Sophos' deep learning malware detection engine scans a file's DNA and compares it to the universe of known malware to detect threats that may otherwise go undetected.     

Today, having an effective security system is essential to protecting a business. With its comprehensive and integrated approach, advanced protection, flexibility, ease of use, and quality support, Sophos is the ideal choice to tackle cybersecurity challenges.

Hydra IT works with a broad portfolio of cybersecurity solutions, including Sophos solutions. If you would like to review your company's cybersecurity and identify options for improvement, please get in touch.