Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance - The ideal ERP for complex financial structures


Optimize operations and strategic decisions.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance - The ideal ERP for complex financial structures
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is business management software that offers operational efficiency in various areas of a company, extending the range of capabilities of an ERP. With built-in analytics and financial intelligence, it is designed to monitor financial performance in real-time and automate your business operations.

Dynamics 365 Finance is suitable for a wide range of companies, huge corporations. It is particularly beneficial for organizations looking to integrate different areas of activity into a single piece of software, making it easier to access and share information between departments such as project management, technical services, accounting, treasury, commercial and sales, materials management, contract management, human resources, and assets.

Among the main benefits of using Dynamics 365 Finance are the automation of financial processes, the unification and protection of data, and the ability to generate detailed reports that support strategic decision-making. In addition, the system offers a real-time view of business performance, allowing better control over budgets and cash flow.

This integrated management system is part of Microsoft's state-of-the-art Dynamics 365 suite of solutions, which is driving the digital transformation of organizations. It can integrate with existing systems to provide a holistic view of business operations and harness the power of Artificial Intelligence, such as Microsoft Copilot. The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to predict trends, optimize processes, and identify savings opportunities, improving the accuracy of financial forecasts and providing insights that drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage in the market.

Main features

  • Financial planning and analysis
Increase agility with financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting linked throughout the organization.
  • Accounting and financial closing
Speed up financial closing and report creation with analysis and automation.
  • Tax management
Management of tax jurisdictions, tax rates, and deductibility based on a unified tax data model.
  • From budget to payment
Optimize monetization with invoicing, accounts receivable (AR), collections, and more with AI technology.
  • Money management
Proactive liquidity management with predictive analysis and cash flow forecasting. 


  • Suitable for large companies and different locations
  • Real-time reporting and analysis
  • Optimized capital flows with predictive information
  • Strategic financial decision-making with Artificial Intelligence
  • Reduced time, costs, and errors by automating processes
  • Optimized efficiency with integrated tools such as Microsoft 365
  • Management of changing regulatory requirements with a no-code configuration method
  • Adaptation to local (according to AT) and global financial requirements
  • Data security and privacy

Dynamics 365 Finance is available in more than 44 countries and regions. Hydra IT develops the Portuguese localization of Dynamics 365 Finance. With our experience we help organizations expand their business in Portugal, ensuring compliance with all current legal and tax obligations. Contact Hydra iT to find out more!