Microsoft announces new Copilot+ computers


Computers powered by Artificial Intelligence
Microsoft announces new Copilot+ computers

Microsoft has announced the new Copilot+PC, the latest range of Windows computers designed to boost the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company promises to bring to market the fastest and most intelligent Windows computers ever, thanks to integrating a powerful new silicon chip capable of processing more than 40 TOPS (trillion operations per second). In addition, these computers feature all-day battery life and access to the most advanced AI models, allowing Copilot+ users to perform a range of tasks that aren't possible on any other computer.

These devices are powered by large language models (LLMs) - run from the Azure Cloud - in conjunction with small language models (SLMs), achieving an unprecedented level of performance.

In terms of security, every Copilot+PC comes out of the box pre-protected. The Microsoft Pluton Security processor is activated by default on all Copilot+PCs, introducing a set of new features, updates, and default settings in Windows 11 that increase users' security. In addition, they include personalized privacy controls that help protect what is most important to the user.

Copilot+PC organizes information according to the user, which helps them remember things they may have forgotten and find what they are looking for more quickly and intuitively.

In addition, Microsoft has made advances in creating and editing images with AI through new models. With Cocreator, users can combine strokes with text suggestions to generate new images almost in real-time. During the interaction, the artwork evolves, helping the user to refine, edit, and develop ideas more easily. Powerful diffusion algorithms optimize high-quality production in a few steps so that the user feels like they are creating something together with AI. Microsoft has partnered with several applications to harness the power of the NPU and deliver new AI experiences - Adobe, DaVinci Resolve Studio, CapCut, Cephable, LiquidText, and djay Pro.

The new Copilot+PCs also incorporate Live Captions technology, which offers live translations and transforms any audio that passes through the computer into an English subtitle experience, in real-time and across all applications in a consistent manner. This application makes it possible to translate live or pre-recorded audio from any application or video platform in more than 40 languages into English instantly and automatically, even when the user is offline. 

One of the highlights of these new devices is that they come with a personal AI assistant, available from the new Copilot key. Copilot offers a complete application experience through a simple, powerful, and personalized design, literally putting the most advanced AI models at the user's fingertips.

In the first Surface Copilot+PC, the new Surface Laptop combines power with a modern, updated laptop design, skinny bezels, a brighter touchscreen, an AI-enhanced camera, premium audio, and a tactile touchpad. The new Surface Pro is the most flexible 2-in-1 laptop, now reinvented with more speed and battery life to deliver new AI experiences. The new Surface Pro Flex Keyboard is the first 2-in-1 keyboard designed to be used both unplugged and plugged in, providing improved stability, with built-in Surface Slim Pen storage and charging, as well as a silent touchpad.

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