Visual Production Scheduler

The Visual Production Scheduler is the graphical front-end to your schedule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or NAV manufacturing module. 

This solution helps small manufacturing companies, to keep the overview and to keep delivery times with a visual production scheduler. The solution brings you operational agility by turning all production related tables into an interactive production order and resource Gantt chart. The interactive planning board visualizes production orders, production order lines, production order rouing lines, work centers, machine centers, capacities, and shift calendars. 

The Visual Production Scheduler helps you stay on top of their operations and meet delivery times by visualizing your production schedule and allowing you to make quick corrective actions.

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Visual Production Scheduler - Brochure

Melhor utilização das máquinas e equipamentos-1

Machine utilization improved

Aumento drástico dos KPI no cumprimento dos prazos de entrega

KPI for on-time delivery increased dramatically

Deteção mais rápida de falhas ou erros na produção

Faster detection of points of congestion, better utilization of resources

Grande precisão na execução de ordens de produção

Transparency leads to precision in order execution

Visualização da Ordem de Produção e Capacidades

Production Order and Capabilities View

The Visual Production Scheduler is not just an interactive Gantt chart. Apart from the time-related position of production orders and their allocation to resources it also shows the workload of the resources. When a production order is moved exceeding work/machine center capacities, a visual warning will be displayed enabling you to react immediately. This way, you can keep dates and capacities in check any time! 

Spontaneous changes via drag & drop, that allow move the position of operations by simple mouse actions – horizontally to modify start and end dates or vertically to modify assignments to different work or machine centers. 

The solution has been completely integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central as a page making use of the Dynamics 365 Business Central client extensibility framework. This integration allows for a seamless collaboration.  

Visual Production Scheduler

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