SNC-AP: Accounting Standardization System

The SNC-AP is a financial management solution developed to support the implementation of the new practices of the Accounting Standardization System for organizations that are part of the Public Administration/Sector (SNC-AP). This standardization took effect on 01/2018, in accordance with Decree-Law no. 192/2015.

The Hydra SNC-AP add-on supports Portuguese Public Administration entities in the effective implementation of the SNC-AP, guaranteeing an adequate management that ensures a global

financial control fully integrated with the ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central management modules.

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SNC-AP - Public Sector - Brochure
Cálculo dos fundos disponíveis (de acordo com a LCPA)

Calculation of available funds (according to LCPA)

Controlo de execução orçamental e reporting a entidades externas

Budget execution control and reporting to external entities

elatórios oficiais de prestação de contas

Official accountability reports

Controlo dos limites legais do código de Contratos Públicos

Control of the legal limits of the Public Contracts code

Tratamento de cargos em funções públicas

Treatment of positions in public functions

The SNC-AP add-on provides an integrated response to the management needs of Public Sector

The Hydra SNC-AP accounting standardization system ensures global financial control from the preparation of the budget and the respective changes, execution and control; through the management of expenditure and revenue, appropriations, commitments and management of sources of financing; until accountability. In this way, promoting the transparency and comparability of financial statements and the desired efficiency and effectiveness of public management.

Public Sector

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