PlannerOne Capa

PlannerOne Production Scheduler is a production planning and scheduling solution that drives and scales production units and is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The tool responds to the needs of plant managers or production units so they can quickly improve their performance and make quick and intelligent decisions that meet the immediate needs of the market.

This add-on allows you to schedule production orders, providing fully integrated functionality with Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, aimed at optimizing processes, allowing a graphical view of the work centers and management of operations in real time by automatic scheduling, machines and order integration, waiting time optimization, detailed analysis of finite capacity and calculation simulations.

PlannerOne Production Scheduler encourages collaborative planning of the production process. It is prepared for multiple users, who can take advantage of a user interface of the custom application, based on the user functions in the company.

Main Features:

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  • Scheduling of finite capacity based on constraints, to respect manufacturers' objectives and constraints
  • Load balancing optimization
  • Grouping of production order operations
  • Optimization of setup times
  • Graphical and interactive schedules that allow users to view recorded manufacturing data
  • Real-time synchronization to ensure a plan based on manufacturing constraints
  • Configurable visual markers
  • Consideration of the availability of the raw material
  • Simulation of a Work Plan
  • Performance indicators (KPIs) and analysis of advances or delays
  • Precise modeling through alternative capabilities

Other Additional Components