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Dynamics NAV maximizes the performance of your company. We provide you with a number of flexible options depending on where you do business, a service plan that will help you maintain compliance and competitiveness, so you get the most return on investment.

Logística e Gestão de Stock - Dynamics NAV

Logistics and Stock Management

 Create estimates, monitor projects and manage capacity

Gestão de Recursos Humanos - Dynamics NAV

Human Resource Management

Improve the capabilities of your workforce

Implementação flexível - Dynamics NAV

Flexible Deployment

Choose the model that best suits your business. On-Premises or Cloud.

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Accounting and Finance

Management of cash, assets and banking activities

Gestão e Controlo de Produção - Dynamics NAV

Production Management and Control

Monitor and manage production, inventory, orders and suppliers

Gestão de Projetos - Dynamics NAV

Project Management

Create estimates, monitor projects and manage capacity

Mobilidade e Reporting - Dynamics NAV

Mobility and Reporting

Get a holistic view of your business and make informed decisions 

NAV Add-ons

It also has several vertical market features, developed by Hydra iT and fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.