Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps are a set of services, connectors and data platforms that provide a fast programming environment so you can create applications tailored to your business needs.

With Power Apps, you can create customized business applications that connect to your stored data whether they are on the underlying data platform or on multiple online and on-premises data sources.

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Crie melhores soluções para aumentar a produtividade Power Apps

Create better solutions to increase productivity

Adicione tarefas automatizadas ao seu negócio facilmente

Easily add automated tasks to your business

Fomente o trabalho em equipa com aplicações empresariais

Promote teamwork with enterprise applications

Combine visualizações e aplicações para impulsionar a ação

Combine visualizations and applications to drive action

The easy way to create professional applications

Power Apps "democratize" the experience of creating custom business applications, allowing users to create custom, feature-rich applications without writing code.

Power Apps also provides an extensible platform that allows professional programmers to programmatically interact with data and metadata, apply business logic, create custom connectors and integrate with external data.

Power Apps - Esquema

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Hydra iT Services


Project implementation services with Power Apps applications follow an agile and effective methodology, focused on results and the satisfaction of our Clients, with the following steps:

  • Technological consultancy: requirements analysis and solution design.
  • Implementation: configuration of the solution, construction of workflows and integration with other solutions, namely Microsoft. Creation of users with permission and access levels.
  • Training: key activity for the success of the projects implemented by Hydra iT. The training is carried out at the Client with the key users of the solution. Training is also carried out for the team that will be responsible for administering the system.
  • Solution support: after completion of the project, Hydra iT guarantees the continuity of support and support to users through the execution of a support contract. The Hydra’s support team guarantees maintenance: preventive, evolutionary and corrective of the solution. Customers with a support contract have access to the Customer Portal where they can open new support requests, interact with the Hydra iT team and consult the status of each order.

Within the scope of Microsoft Power Apps applications, Hydra iT can support companies in creating Apps to respond to process management challenges, automating flows and recording activities or data.


Training is considered by Hydra iT to be the key activity for the success of the implemented projects. Hydra iT develops training actions that can be included in the scope of each implementation project or taught separately. The training actions directed to a specific solution or to a module or application area of ​​a solution can be carried out in two different formats:

  • Training workshops with a standard topic plan to introduce new solutions or strengthen skills. Usually, this type of training includes a conceptual and theoretical presentation of the themes and a practical component using the Client's own solution and is carried out at the Hydra iT facilities in Braga or Lisbon.
  • Training actions tailored to the specific needs of a company. Fill out our Training Questionnaire and we present an intervention plan tailored to your needs. Usually, these training actions are carried out at the Client's premises.

The training actions carried out by Hydra iT can include:

  • Support material and availability of the documentary supports used in the training
  • Use of each Customer's environment or solution during moments of practical training
  • Attendance certificates for participants
  • Recording of training video and making it available to participants.

For current Customers or companies using the Power Apps solution, the Hydra iT Support Team has the following services:

  • Help desk services: functional or technical support and clarification of doubts by phone and email to all users of applications with administration profiles.
  • Preventive Maintenance: the actions initiated in order to keep the applications in optimal performance conditions, as well as the availability of new releases and features developed by HYDRA IT that bring added value to the applications or that result from legal imperatives.
  • Corrective maintenance: the elimination of all problems and malfunctions of applications resulting from factors external to them that require intervention, either to correct data or to restore its operation. The correction of defects in the supplied software respects the legal warranty terms.
  • Evolutionary maintenance: includes the following services:
    • Development of new features required by the Customer
    • User training
    • Analysis and consultancy services on the business processes supported in the applications in order to obtain higher efficiency and effectiveness rates.