Segurança Microsoft

Microsoft Security

The basis of many successful businesses is a secure IT infrastructure. This base must be thought of in order to be flexible, to be adapted to business needs and to accompany all challenges.

Investment in Infrastructure & Security should, therefore, be seen as structuring, and that is why it is important to have a 360º view of IT infrastructures.

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Microsoft Security Leads Gartner's 5 Magic Quadrant

Mediadores de segurança de acesso à nuvem

Cloud access security agents

Microsoft's Cloud Access Security has exponentially increased the number of customers and leases.

Gestão de acesso

Access management

Microsoft scored high on customer experience and understanding of the market and was innovative in several areas.

Proteção de informações

Protection of information

We have a cohesive view of information governance in Office 365, Microsoft Azure, OneDrive and more.

Plano de Contingência

Contingency plan

Unified endpoint management tools

Plataforma de proteção de pontos finais

Endpoint protection platform

The only endpoint protection built into the OS and available for heterogeneous environments.

Microsoft Threat Protection Solutions

Microsoft Azure Sentinel | Proteção Avançada Contra Ameaças do Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Get your company's information and security data with a native SIEM solution in the cloud.  

Advanced Microsoft Defender Threat Protection

Prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats with complete endpoint security.

Advanced Office 365 Threat Protection

Use the best security in the industry to help protect your entire Office 365 environment from today's threats.


Azure Advanced Threat Protection

Identify, detect and investigate threats, compromised identities and malicious internal actions.

Proteção Avançada Contra Ameaças do Office 365 | Azure Advanced Threat Protection
Microsoft Cloud App Security | Centro de Segurança do Azure

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Get detailed visibility, control your data path and detect cyber threats across all your cloud services.  

Azure Security Center

Strengthen your datacenter security and get advanced protection against threats in the cloud and on-site.

Azure Active Directory

Manage identities and help protect them, and simplify access for your employees, partners and customers.


Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 helps protect your identities, data, applications and endpoints from cyber threats.

Azure Active Directory | Microsoft 365

The best protection against end-to-end threats

Is your data safe? Can your infrastructure respond to the needs of your users and customers?

Cybersecurity does not have to be complicated. Microsoft helps protect people from cyber threats with built-in automation and intelligence. Learn how to better protect your business now with advanced tools and suggestions.

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