Microsoft Surface

Surface devices combine optimized performance to tackle any task with a premium design. Find the device that's right for you with a variety of screen size options, advanced and comfortable keyboards, and built-in security.

Surface provides the best from Microsoft to meet the needs of your business.

And what makes Microsoft Surface different?  Essentially its natural integration:

  • Microsoft 365

    • Designed for the way it works, allowing teams to work with modern collaboration tools.

    • Innovation and skill, keeping the ideas, flowing among your collaborators - wherever they are.

    • Modern security and management capability, enjoying a unified platform with integrated modern protection – from the chip to the cloud.

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Microsoft Surface - Brochure
Intercâmbio avançado

Advanced exchange

Get a replacement device before sending the original.

Ferramentas Familiares

Familiar tools

Like the pen, which allows you to express yourself in comfort.

Microsoft Surface 1

Business configurations

More powerful processors and unique configurations.

Eficiência Ambiental

Environmental efficiency

Packaging that protects the device and the environment.

Surface for Business. Designed for businesses. Inspired by the way you work.

No matter how your teams collaborate, there is an ideal device for the way they work. 5G connectivity in the palm of your hand. A creative studio that brings your ideas to life at the speed of light. Or a digital board and all-in-one meeting platform.

Surface and Microsoft 365 give you the freedom to work the way you want, protected by Microsoft's modern security and management.

Microsoft Surface

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