Hardware e Servidores

Hardware and Servers

A server is a computer equipped with processors, memory banks, communication ports and sometimes a system for storing data such as internal hard disks or SSD memories, dedicated to running applications and services within a LAN or WAN network.

Servers can provide various features, such as sharing data or system resources between multiple clients, or computing performance for one client. A single server can serve multiple clients, and a single client can use multiple servers.

We help your company to:

  • Reduce operating and investment costs;

  • Increase disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities;

  • Virtualize business-critical business applications and business applications;

  • Ensure infrastructure compliance and performance, without human intervention, for virtualization management.

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Implementação e venda de Servidores, Cluster e Virtualização

Implementation of Servers, Cluster and Virtualization

Implementação e venda de Hardware, Workstations e equipamentos Informáticos

Implementation of Hardware, Workstations and IT equipment

Configuração de Sistemas de Backups locais ou na Cloud

Configuration of local or Cloud Backup Systems

Configuração de Sistemas de Segurança, Firewall, Antivírus

Configuration of Security Systems, Firewall, Antivirus

Sistemas de Comunicação Unificadas, centrais telefónicas, GSM, Telefones

Unified Communication Systems, telephone exchanges, GSM, Telephones

Implementação de Sistemas Wireless Industriais

Implementation of Industrial Wireless Systems

Servers Types

Servidores para redes locais

Servers for local networks

Presented physically in offices, network servers use software to manage corporate local networks. These systems allow, among other things, to run corporate applications, namely, database, backup or control access to information, assigning restricted access to each user.

Internet service servers

Computers that provide services via the Internet are generally installed in IT infrastructures such as datacenters and provide services such as hosting websites, distributing emails and other services. The hardware that makes up each server is defined according to each project.

Servidores de serviços via internet

Hydra iT provides an information systems consultancy service.

We provide information systems solutions that will contribute to the profitability and security of your business. Through the business strategy of each client, Hydra iT's goal is to design information system solutions that contribute to optimizing the profitability and security of your business.

Initially, the consultancy work involves the diagnosis of the company's computer system and only after this process for the design and implementation of the planned solution. The solutions can be implemented locally in the company (On Premise) or shared on the Cloud.

We work with market leading brands that ensure reliable hardware and the best guarantees. Using the best that each partner has to offer, we implement the best solution at the best price.

Explore our Hardware components

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Surface devices combine optimized performance to tackle any task with a premium design. Find the device that's right for you with a variety of screen size options, advanced and comfortable keyboards, and built-in security.

Microsoft equipment - Optimize your desktop!

At Hydra IT you will find all the electronic accessories you need for your computer, Xbox and more. Discover everything you need to make your life more practical and your style more complete.

What we have?

  • The entire Surface range

  • Keyboards and Mice

  • Surface Accessories

  • Hard drives and memory

  • Adapters and peripherals

  • PC gaming accessories

Get the latest Microsoft computer accessories. From keyboards and mice to audio accessories, hard drives and memory, and more. Discover the next breakthrough that will improve your PC experience.

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Hydra iT Services


Hardware experts at Hydra iT are available to become a valuable extension of your internal IT team. We are actively here to support, resolve and help when you need it and to stay in the background and proactively monitor and remediate your IT systems. Our service team is dedicated to providing the highest standards of service and customer service, which we consistently provide with responsiveness, honesty, flexibility and technical innovation. We achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and create beneficial relationships with customers in the long run.


Support Services optimize uptime and minimize disruptions to your organization. We proactively fix, make backups and manage all your computers using the latest service tools.

Imagine the peace of mind of knowing your critical jobs, having protection from hackers, identifying the most careless end users and software bugs. Our team proactively monitors unusual behavior and identifies hardware failures before affecting their information systems.

Have a problem with an app, website or can't get something to work properly? It's not a problem. Our IT Support team is available to your users and is just a click away!


Your network is just as important as your company's existing computers and smartphones. Laptops, workstations, smartphones, tablets - these are all devices that connect to your IT network. Keeping them running efficiently and safely is crucial to the productivity of your employees and can be a big part of our IT management service.

Sustaining all of this technology is an even more important part of your network and an area that is practically invisible: infrastructure.

The network infrastructure is the engine that keeps all operations running. If any infrastructure device has problems, the entire network can fail.

The performance of your critical infrastructure is essential for productivity and customer satisfaction, but server management is an expensive and time-consuming activity. Should your IT department divert its valuable resources to this task, instead of focusing on IT strategy and supporting its core business applications? Hydra iT's network management services are designed to eliminate the difficulties that infrastructure management has, so that the IT department can focus on creating business competitive advantage.

So, for your network and, by extension, your business to function as best as possible, the network infrastructure needs to be managed and supported as actively as your work devices.

Hydra iT can guarantee full support coverage for your company. We can use innovative systems to manage the network infrastructure. Our complete network services offer:

  • A real-time view of your network, including all devices and how they are connected. So we always know what's going on
  • A real-time inventory of all the technology in your network - plan updates and budgets to fully optimize existing technologies
  • Automatic backups of network infrastructure settings - essential to quickly restore service in the event of a 24x7 outage. We include monitoring with proactive infrastructure alerts to signal potential problems before affecting your network
  • Specific tools and secure remote access to infrastructure devices - for quick problem resolution
  • Performance reports - for visibility and full accountability.
  • We can predict problems of degradation and performance capacity, allowing you to take corrective measures in a timely manner.

Our network services combine the management of work devices and servers with the management of active infrastructure to offer the maximum performance of your company's communications network:

  • Increased business productivity
  • Fewer issues requiring support
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Full visibility
  • Optimization 24 hours a day.

Your servers are the heart of your IT infrastructure. Whenever a server stops, so does your business. Therefore, you must have a proper installation and configuration with all the necessary services configured, protected and optimized. These settings and configurations can cost your company wasted time and money. Our server-related services start here. Hydra iT, with its technical team and internationally recognized partners, provides data center installation and management services tailored to the needs of each company. Performs management services for local, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments. These works can be carried out separately or integrated with the company's network and communications infrastructure, with security solutions, licensing or other hardware components, in the global perspective of functioning and availability of information systems.

Previously, involving the main market players for server solutions and data centers, Hydra iT prepares a study to evaluate the present and future requirements of the company and, according to the planned investment, proposes the most appropriate solutions for each company and its business.

The importance of good quality server support services for the success of any company or organization can never be underestimated. Ensuring support for high quality servers, server management and server security should be your first priority, as your servers are the backbone of your business. Professional server management and server support services directly increase your level of productivity.

With a good server support service, all problems can be fixed as soon as they occur. Good management of servers with support services constantly monitors the health and health of a server, which helps to detect problems before they even occur. In other words, your server's problems can be predicted.

Main services performed by Hydra iT related to servers and data centers:

  • Evaluation of technical and functional requirements
  • Dimensioning and architecture of the solution (equipment and licensing) and framing with all the company's infrastructure components
  • Installation and configuration
  • Migration of applications, information and connections with other systems and peripherals
  • Support Services.