Microsoft Azure

Azure is an ever-expanding suite of cloud computing services to help organizations address their business challenges.

With Azure, companies are free to create, manage and deploy applications on a large-scale global network using their preferred tools and architectures.


Microsoft Azure security

Security is a given in the cloud industry, but Azure's proactive approach in terms of security, compliance and privacy is unique. Microsoft is an industry leader in establishing and consistently complying with clear security and privacy requirements.

From industry-leading privacy and compliance certifications to unique threat information and built-in security controls, Azure has everything you need to identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats.

  • Start with a secure foundation: Reduce costs and complexities with a highly secure cloud foundation that takes advantage of the multilayered security provided by Microsoft.

  • Optimize your compliance and enable business transformation: Use built-in controls, configuration management tools, implementation and guidance resources, and third-party audit reports to simplify your compliance needs.

  • Detect threats in advance: Identify new threats and respond quickly with unique services based on global cybersecurity intelligence in real time, delivered on a cloud scale.

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Receba o futuro

Receive the future

Microsoft's ongoing innovation supports your development tasks today and the product visions of tomorrow

Compile à sua maneira

Compile your way

With a commitment to open source and support for all languages and frameworks, compile as you like and deploy wherever you want

Trabalhe na cloud híbrida sem dificuldades

Work in the hybrid cloud without difficulties

On-site, in the cloud and on the edge - we'll meet you wherever you are. Integrate and manage your environments with services designed for the hybrid cloud

Confie na sua cloud

Trust your cloud

Get root security with the support of a team of experts and proactive compliance that companies, public administrations and startups trust

Implementation Process

Desenhar | Implementar

To design

We develop our projects in order to achieve the ideal solution, adapted to your needs

To implement

We implement the solution, working closely with your organizations ensuring that it is delivered as planned and on time

To manage

Your business is managed by our management and operations team, ensuring a quick and effective response

To evolve

We are available to work with organizations at every stage of their digital transformation

Gerir | Evoluir

Buy with Hydra iT

  • Via Office 365 through a CSP (Cloud Service Provider)

You can purchase Azure through the Office 365 program, and the Office 365 management solution allows you to monitor your Office 365 environment on Azure Monitor.

How it works?

The user explains the type of service / license he wants and this is implemented by Hydra iT.

Payment is made monthly / annually as defined in the contract.

  • Via Open (Prepaid)

You can purchase Azure through the Open Licensing program, which provides a simple and flexible method of purchasing cloud services.

How it works?

The user purchases Azure Monetary Commitment credits from Hydra in the form of an Online Service Activation Key (OSA). These credits can be used on any consumption-based Azure service for the 12 months following activation of the OSA Key.

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Hydra iT Services


Move faster, get better results and save with the growing offer of integrated cloud services - Microsoft Azure. Our experienced team in Cloud services enter your company, assess your current environment and define the ideal Cloud environment to meet your needs.

Is your company ready for the cloud? Our infrastructure team can help you understand what Azure and Office 365 can do for your company and whether a Cloud, on-premises or hybrid solution is right for your reality.

Hydra iT provides services to assess the benefits of migrating information systems to the Cloud and carries out their subsequent migration. Supporting the migration of applications, integration processes and all information stored in organizations' information systems.

Allow us to help your company safely migrate your data and systems to the Cloud or optimize your current hosting solution. Enjoy the benefits of the Cloud (Microsoft Azure), such as protection and data compliance with high security, effortless scalability, reduction of costly downtime and smoothing of payments - monthly fees according to the use of the service.

We help our customers with services that may include:

  • Consulting - We find the best way to optimize your strategy and business processes to achieve your goals.
  • Application integrity check - We check your current systems and evaluate possible efficiencies and improvements.
  • Modernization/migration - We modernize or migrate your applications smoothly and without complications to make your business more and more competitive. We support changes of facilities or restructuring of existing facilities.
  • Post-implementation support/Fully managed service - We actively support your internal team, applications and infrastructure. Alternatively, you can give us the responsibility to manage and maintain your software as part of a fully integrated IT service, so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Integrations - For any other needs you may have, our dedicated teams of experts in areas such as CRM, ERP and Business Intelligence can help you create integrations between business processes and applications.

The migration of business technology equipment can be the most complex, challenging and risky part of any facility change. Hydra iT helps your company to plan a successful and low risk transition.

The sooner you start planning the migration of your business technology, the lower the risks and the greater the likelihood that it will be executed well. Hydra iT plans and performs all phases of a migration, including:

  • Assessment and planning of technological requirements for new installations
  • Assessing available connectivity features - and identifying restrictions that your new owner or the facilities themselves may impose
  • Creating a resilient Continuity Plan to protect your data and information
  • How to organize a technological change - from packaging tips to the migration sequence
  • Creation and effective use of a Business Technology Test Plan to ensure that everything is working on the first day in the new facilities.
  • Cloud Storage and Backups: Microsoft Azure Storage is the Cloud service managed by Microsoft that offers highly available, secure, durable, scalable and redundant storage.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Hydra iT can help you achieve the desired state of use for cloud environments. We can help you improve IT management resources and analytics, providing your company with tangible value demonstrated with reduced cost of ownership and greater asset flexibility.
  • Application Hosting: Integrate the App Service with your existing frameworks, languages ​​and tools to accelerate your development. Quickly create, implement and manage advanced Web, mobile and API applications for employees or customers using a single platform.
  • Identity Management: Azure Active Directory (AD) provides an affordable and easy to use solution that allows employees and business partners to access multiple Cloud applications with a single login.
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Sites: The backup service keeps your data safe and recoverable. Site Recovery replicates, fails over and peaks at work to remain available when a failure occurs.
  • Cloud Storage: With files stored online, it's easy to organize and share them, so you can work on documents collaboratively, share reports with business partners or connect with your customers.