Digital Signature

Digital Signature is a fully integrated component in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central, which performs the digital signature of documents and sends them to customers by email. The solution facilitates the digital signature of documents, assigning a digital certification of sales invoices and credit notes, in order to guarantee the security, authenticity and integrity of the files.

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Assinatura Digital - Brochura
Habilita o fluxo de documentos eletrónicos seguros

Enables the flow of secure electronic documents

Assegura a integridade e autoria do documento

Ensures the integrity and authorship of the document

Assinatura Digital 3 Economiza tempo e recursos ao substituir o fluxo baseado em papel

Saves time and resources by replacing the paper-based flow

Atende os requisitos de conformidade associado ao fluxo de documentos eletrónicos

Meets compliance requirements associated with electronic document flow

The signature confirms that the information originates from the signatory and has not been changed

The tool provides an option in Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central, which allows the registration of the document, makes the digital signature to it and automatically sends the PDF file by email to the designated customer.

In addition to speed and practicality, the solution aims to reduce costs with sending invoices and credit notes. Saves time and reduces paper, printing and shipping costs.

Digital Signature

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