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Business Web Portals

Business Web Portals

Business web portals allow the response to specific areas of the company and business in a simple way, available in any location and integrated with other information systems.

Portals have as a main function the sharing of information between the company's employees or with external entities: clients, partners or suppliers.

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Melhorar a comunicação empresarial

Improve business communication

Incentivar o aumento da produtividade e a redução de custos

Encourage increased productivity and reduced costs

Integrar pessoas que estão geograficamente distribuídas

Integrate people who are geographically distributed

Melhorar o processo de tomada de decisão

Improve the decision-making process

Criar um ambiente único de acesso a informações

Create a unique information access environment

Melhorar a gestão do relacionamento com clientes

Improve customer relationship management

Coletar e manter informações sobre concorrentes e novos players no mercado

Collect and maintain information about competitors and new players in the market

Melhorar o processo de capacitação dos colaboradores através de eLearning

Improve the employee training process through eLearning


Internal Portals (Intranet)

Internal Portals (Intranet)

They are for the exclusive use of the internal public of an organization, frequently used as an internal communication tool, which allows great documentary and operational agility between managers and employees.

External Portals (Extranet)

They are directed to elements external to the organization, such as customers, prospects or partners. These portals can be especially useful in certain actions, as they allow to improve and bring users closer together in a centralizing tool. They can be used as a strategy to support commercial actions, marketing, support or customer support.

External Portals (Extranet)
Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Through the use of advanced corporate portals, we create unique repositories of information and knowledge

The great advantage of a business web portal is the centralization of access to content

One of the most prominent advantages in the use of corporate portals is the ease of access to information distributed in the various systems, files and institutional databases. Business portals can be built in a totally personalized way and integrated with the organizational

environment, meeting the needs of users, optimizing the interaction, distribution and management of internal and external information resources.

Portals help to obtain an overview of the data and information stored digitally and to concentrate information that is generally dispersed. They also allow the systematization and automation of specific processes in an organization.

We develop a business portal tailored to your needs