Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is an additional application from Microsoft Dynamics CRM that provides a complete service management solution on the ground, including: service locations, Customer assets, preventive maintenance, work order management, resource management, inventory, scheduling and shipping products.

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Dynamics 365 Field Service - Brochure
Otimize os recursos

Optimize resources

Aumente a eficácia dos colaboradores

Increase employee effectiveness

Proporcione resultados superiores com a Internet of Things

Deliver superior results with the Internet of Things

Promova uma interação dinâmica com os clientes

Promote dynamic customer interaction

Inove com uma plataforma de vendas moderna e adaptável

Innovate with a modern and adaptable sales platform

Provide proactive, quality field service

The application combines workflow automation, scheduling algorithms and mobility to prepare mobile workers for success when they are on site with customers fixing problems.

The mobility functionality and management analyzes allow collaboration between the Customer service team, the field team and the Customer.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

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Hydra iT Services


Project implementation services for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service solution online or on premise follow an agile and effective methodology, focused on results and the satisfaction of our Customers, with the following steps:

  • Technological consultancy: initial requirements analysis and project description. Hydra's team of consultants, experienced in implementing projects, knows the reality of each specific business in each sector of activity.
  • Project Management: it is the basic requirements of each project to have the project manager of the Hydra iT Team and the project manager of the Cortumer's team, ensuring easy communication between the teams. It is the responsibility of the Hydra’s project manager:
    • The realization of the project plan (schedule) and the monitoring of its execution
    • Compliance with established deadlines and budgets.
  • Implementation: configuration of the solution and customization of features. It is also at this stage that users and the permission and access levels in the solution are configured.
  • Integration Development: in this phase, web services are developed, or Microsoft connectors are implemented in order to synchronize information from the Dynamics 365 CE solution with other systems and platforms, namely, websites, management systems, customer portals, Marketing Automation solutions. Learn more at Integration Services.
  • Data migration: loading data into the new solution. You can include in the scope of the project only the creation of the base data (chart of accounts, customers, product and price lists, etc.) or we can also include the migration of the information history that exists in the company.
  • Training: key activity for the success of the projects implemented by Hydra iT. The training is carried out at the Client with the key users directed to each area of ​​the solution. Training is also carried out for the team that will be responsible for administering the system.
  • Follow-up on start-up: after the completion of the training, the start date of the solution's operation is scheduled. At this moment, Hydra iT consultants carry out on-site follow-up actions in the workplace for all users, in the first days of operation of the solution in order to enhance the adoption of the system and give maximum confidence to users in all tasks that should play.
  • Solution support: after completion of the project, Hydra iT guarantees the continuity of support and support to users through the execution of a support contract. The Hydra’s support team guarantees maintenance: preventive, evolutionary and corrective of the solution. Customers with a support contract have access to the Customer Portal where they can open new support requests, interact with the Hydra iT team and consult the status of each order.

For Customers who already use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE solution or previous versions of this Microsoft CRM, Hydra iT offers services for the development or implementation of new features or modules. These services can be complemented with our Consulting services in order to optimize the use of the system in the company and to choose the best approach for the new needs that arise according to the natural evolution of the business.


The team of Hydra iT consultants certified by Microsoft, with deep knowledge in the various business areas and proven experience by our Clients, develop the following services in the context of implementing a global project or separately:

  • Analysis of a company's current requirements and processes with a view to structuring or even remodeling and optimizing the CRM solution. These services involve the analysis of the technology that the company has and the business processes that are supported and those that are not. From there, they help you identify quick gains for your organization, adding maximum value with minimum effort
  • Optimization services particularly relevant when the adoption of your current system is low or when you are no longer able to meet the needs of your business. Provided by our expert consultants, highly experienced in generating additional value from a management system, optimization services consist of focused activities, such as training workshops, feature updates and new reporting capabilities.
  • Development of specifications for selection of solutions
  • Recommendation for technical and functional improvements and new implementation projects
  • CRM solution architecture
  • Current status assessment and definition of technological roadmap for the CRM of a company or organization
  • Assessment of the compliance status of the solution with general security and data protection requirements
  • Support in the selection of new or complementary business solutions
  • Support in optimizing the use of the CRM solution.

Training is considered by Hydra iT to be the key activity for the success of the implemented projects. Hydra iT develops training actions that can be included in the scope of each implementation project or taught separately. The training actions directed to a specific solution or to a module or application area of ​​a solution can be carried out in two different formats:

  • Training workshops with a standard topic plan to introduce new solutions or strengthen skills. Usually, this type of training includes a conceptual and theoretical presentation of the themes and a practical component using the Customer’s own solution and is carried out at the Hydra iT facilities in Braga or Lisbon.
  • Training actions tailored to the specific needs of a company. Fill out our Training Questionnaire and we present an intervention plan tailored to your needs. Usually, these training actions are carried out at the Customer's premises.


The training actions carried out by Hydra iT can include:

  • Support material and availability of documentary supports used in training
  • Use of each Client's environment or solution during moments of practical training
  • Attendance certificates for participants
  • Training video recording and availability to participants.

In order to create information synchronisms with external systems, Hydra iT develops integration services using APIs or connectors provided by Microsoft or with the creation of web services.


Integrations can be part of the scope of an implementation project or can be developed separately in projects already implemented.

The Hydra iT team has experiences and skills to respond to the main challenges related to technological integration, namely with:

  • Among the various Microsoft solutions: Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Office 365, Sharepoint, Power BI, among others.
  • Web platforms: institutional websites, apps, business portals
  • Connector with LinkedIn
  • Business management systems
  • Specific business management applications
  • Marketing Automation Platforms.

For current Customers or companies using Microsoft solutions, the Hydra iT Support Team has the following services:

  • Help desk services: functional or technical support and clarification of doubts by phone and email to all users of applications with administration profiles.
  • Preventive Maintenance: the actions initiated in order to keep the applications in optimal performance conditions, as well as the availability of new releases and features developed by HYDRA IT that bring added value to the applications or that result from legal imperatives.
  • Corrective maintenance: the elimination of all problems and malfunctions of applications resulting from factors external to them that require intervention, either to correct data or to restore its operation. The correction of defects in the supplied software respects the legal warranty terms.
  • Evolutionary maintenance: includes the following services:
    • Development of new features required by the Client
    • User training
    • Analysis and consultancy services on the business processes supported in the applications in order to obtain higher efficiency and effectiveness rates.